I easily slid onto the seat of my bike, and started to go on my morning ride. I watch as the houses blur as I start to speed up, and how they appear to be moving downward when I rode down the hill, yelling in enjoyment, "Wheeeeeee!", just trying to enjoy my very own ride.

I slowed down as I got to the turn, where it connected to the highway.

"A dollar for lemonade!"

I'm a sucker for lemonade. The sour pucker it can twist me in is unbelievable. I put the brakes on, parked my bike, and went over to the seller. He seamed a bit old for this, but who cares? I certainly don't.

"Here's a dollar,"

"Why thank you sir!"

I took a sip, and immediately dropped it. It tasted horrible! I started to move back to my bike, regretting ever buying that crap, when I froze, my body unable to move. I fell to the ground, and as my vision faded, I read the sign.

It said "Killer Lemonade!"