Hi, I'm your imaginary friend. You're my child. You lasted a very long time, but hey, who am I to complain. We were the best of friends. I was your first friend.

You were the cutest baby I have ever seen. I know everything about you. Don't freak out though, that is normal for someone like me. We both love chocolate, but hate nuts. your favorite sport is soccer.

I taught you right and wrong. I was there to support you when you were in need. I pulled you up when you fell. I also talked to you.

One day, I was feeling like a bad boy. I knocked over the most valuable painting in the house, breaking it. Your parents rushed in, looking in horror at what I did. They hit you, yelled at you, and blamed you. When you said it was me, your mother said those terrible words.

"Your friend is not real, he is imaginary."

From that point on, you ignored me. I tried to get your attention from time to time, but I was not heard. Soon, I was forgotten. I was forced to watch you for the rest of your life. Not being able to talk to you, it was an extremely lonely life.

I saw the good and bad times of your life. The degrees, the times you were drunk, the speeding, and the rest. You're doing good in life, and I could not be more proud. If only I could be there to tell you. I hate your parents.

Then came that one fateful day. You took a walk in the mountains for exercise. How you loved the wild. Suddenly, you were attacked and killed by a bear. You never even had a wife. I was forced to watch.

Your dead. A dark blackness covers me. I have feelings too. Iv'e lost my child, and now I will spend all eternity in the black loneliness. I begin to cry.