Everyone loves Calvin and Hobbs, but no one ever talks about the destroyer story. It was in the first edition of the first book, but then taken out. First Calvin sneaks into the kitchen and eats all the cookies and gets a huge sugar rush. Then Hobbs comes in and is mad that Calvin ate all the cookies. Then Hobbs attacks Calvin and bites his arm.

Calvin says, "What the heck are you doing?"

Then Hobbs says, "Go to the store and get more cookies or this butcher knife is going to be red." Then Calvin says, "Why should I."

Then Hobbs says, "If you don't you'll be red and dead."

Then you see that the parents are watching from a crack in the door and shaking their heads, saying, "One of these days, that tiger is going to kill that boy."

That was it. But apparently some little boy later stabbed his sister over a cookie and blamed that comic. So they took it out. I have been searching the internet for it and can not find it. If you find it, please let me know.