It had been a month since my wife died, but it felt like a day. The burning was still in my head, and the grief was still flooding my veins. I missed her so much. At the same time, I didn't want her back. She worked at the hospital, so the nervousness I felt every day before she got home was sometimes enough to make me puke. I didn't know wether she was going to come home safe or not. We needed the money, though.

I hated being home alone even more, though. We didn't live in the safest place. We lived close to the hospital. That was a compromise I was willing to make for her. This way we didn't even have to own a car! There was even a Supervalu by the hospital.

My wife didn't die from illness, though. She didn't die from a mugger, or a murderer. She didn't die from a heart attack, a seizure, or a stroke. She didn't die from animals. However, she did die from me. Now I won't have to anxiously wait, until I stop sucking blood. So basically, until Forever.