I’m having a very terrifying dream right now. I have been forcefully stuffed in an oven. The flames surround my body as I scream. I wake up now, thinking it was just a dream. But then I realize I am in a large metal container, an oven, and the area surrounding me gets hotter and hotter. I’m not able to scream, as I begin to smell my flesh sizzle.

With all of my strength, I kick the oven door open, and then I run away. I finally get out of the building, as my memory of getting knocked out by cannibals in a small abandoned town finally comes. Then I start to wonder, if it was in a small town, why I am in a city. I also remember that all my life, I was never able to scream in dreams. Then my vision becomes blurry.

Then, I wake up again. I’m in a hot metal container. It was an oven. Then, and that moment, I smell my flesh sizzle. This time though, I can scream.

If you have never had your flesh sizzle, I will tell you about it. The pain and agony last for only a few seconds, but the fear stays. The third degree burns make you numb, as you die. Perhaps the most terrifying thing is not feeling your death, but knowing it is happening. I finally die. My soul rises up, and I am able to see what is happening to my body.

Just so you know, watching your body getting eaten by cannibals is no treat. It was pretty gory, so I will leave out the bad stuff. I saw them tear through my liver with their own teeth. Suddenly a young man walks in to, wait, a restaurant?

I was cooked in a restaurant. The young man was approached by one of the cannibals. I scream for him to run, but it is in vain. The cannibal knocked the young man out, as they take him to the kitchen. There, they prepare him for they oven.