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Pasta CategoriesEdit

  • Ghosts - G-g-g-ghost! This is a category for pastas that involve ghosts.
  • Historical Style - And Atlantis sunk to the bottom of the ocean. This is for pastas written in a historical style.
  • Alien - Look! A flying saucer! For pastas that invole alien life.
  • Weird - The world is weird... For pastas that can't be classified in any other way
  • Reality - I started playing the song on my MP3. For pastas that are told in modern times.
  • Contest - Good luck! The prize is big! For pastas that were entered in contests

Story CategoriesEdit

  • Funny - LOL! For pastas that differ from horror to humor.

Administration CategoriesEdit

  • Meta - Only Admins may add to this category. For important pages.
  • Site Rules - Only Admins may add to this category. For site rules.
  • Admin-Only - Only Admins may add to this category. For pages protected by administration.

Only Admins Can Remove These CategoriesEdit

  • Review - Quick! Fix that grammer! For pastas that need some fixing.
  • Delete - Delete that! For pastas that need to be deleted.

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